Estrada Family(non-registered)
I just wanted to do a shout out on your web page to let you know how ecstatic I was to know you would do my daughter's Sweet Sixteen. And now that it is over I want to let you know your work is unique and very memorable. Your not family but your work makes me proud of you. Good Luck and God Bless You on your success.
Frank ayala(non-registered)
You " da man "! Keep it up. I've always had good feelings about you and your craft! I've even incorporated the thumb in my bass playing! Drives my bandmates loco! God bless bro. Mr a
Jackie Aguilar(non-registered)
Love the videos..kathys 15nera nd nayelis brothers as well..very unique nd fun to watch:) keep it up!!
Johnny, you have so much talent! I love viewing your videos and pictures. They always take my breath away and get me emotional :) Your work is excellent and I highly recommend it to others who want quality results.
Jasmin Victoria Flores(non-registered)
Great Job.! Love your work. Keep doing your thing... & also You're web site is awesome(:
GABRIELA DELACRUZ(non-registered)
DUUUUUUUde i member you from music class with ayala...damn youre hella bomb...shhooot keep up the good work...o n i added you on facebook
Rosa Arechiga(non-registered)
great pictures! :)
Jennifer Castellanos(non-registered)
Great pictures Juan! you're website is awesome =)
You are amazing..... Talented, Creative, and Smart those are all the great blessings God has given you. I'm really proud of you my love keep up the good work.
Angel Mendoza(non-registered)
Your work is faveorite is the pic you have posted of Nayeli holding a heart...that creative brain of yours, I need to find out how it works!
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